About Us

SENLIPS carries a large selection of LED lighting products for off road use. We combine super-bright
LEDs, durable materials and modern design with affordable pricing to produce high quality LED lighting
products suitable for all applications. SENLIPS was founded on the belief that the goal of the automotive
enthusiast should not be limited by the size of one’s wallet, but rather on their heart and passion for
motor-sports. The spirit of competition utilizing the latest technology has been around for the last
century and continues to live within each enthusiast today. That same spirit led the founder of SENLIPS
to seek out a way of manufacturing quality LED lighting products while having them affordable for the
grassroots enthusiast. The SENLIPS staff prides itself on maintaining the original company goals of
performance, reliability, and economical prices that will allow us to grow for many years to come.

This was not a simple task and many obstacles had to be overcome. The first and foremost important
task was sorting through a vast amount of factories offering components at competitive prices, without
sacrificing quality. Countless hours were spent in finding competitive sources that would not
compromise quality.

By far the greatest obstacle faced by SENLIPS was the enthusiast community itself, with the common
quote “you get what you paid for” being ingrained in the minds of many enthusiast. In many cases, this
is true, but the goal of SENLIPS was to prove otherwise. SENLIPS believes a developed product did not
have to have a high-profit margin; rather, it simply needed to function as intended to gain the trust of
the grassroots enthusiast. As the community began to bestow trust into SENLIPS, our LED product line
grew as a result.

As we grew, we have found that our growth has presented us with more opportunities that we can carry
on to our customers. We have been able to work with the newest factories and more competitive
sources that allow us to remain at the forefront of performance, reliability, and value. Everything from
stronger and lighter materials to new techniques in assembly has given us a leading edge over
competing manufacturers. Our LED lighting components used are #1 in the field, such as industry's
brightest and highest performing CREE LED modules are used in many of our applications. We are
constantly on the lookout for more efficient and higher quality manufacturing methods so that we can
make even our most tried and true products even better for years to come. Furthermore, with that
mindset, we have always stood by our products by extending our warranties so you can rest assured,
knowing that we are here for you.